Oracle vs tarot Wherein Wisdom Resides [With Booklet]. Mark Ryan. EUR 12, Goddess Power Oracle: Deck and Guidebook. Colette Baron-Reid. EUR 25, Fairy Ring: An Oracle of the Fairy Folk. Anna Franklin. EUR 27, The Spirit of the Animals Oracle. Jody Bergsma.

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EUR 21, Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards: A Card Deck and Guidebook. Kyle Gray.

EUR 16, Blessed Be Cards: Mystical Celtic Blessings to Enrich and Empower. EUR 15, The Druidcraft Tarot. Philip Carr-Gomm. EUR 22, Reseña del editor The Tarot is an ancient, mystical tool that has helped many people understand their lives and explore their destiny.

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Explora el tablero de Fernando Múzquiz "Tarot Oracle" en Pinterest. Stay or go 6 card tarot spread - relationship tarot spreads for heartbreak Bruja, Lectura. Ver más ideas sobre Swords, Tarot decks y Oracle cards. Knight or Sword by Elric Caballo De Espadas, Gladiadores, Caballos, Cartas, Arcanos. Caballo .

Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Detalles del producto Cartas: Large Card Decks Idioma: Compra verificada. I really love all of Lucy Cavendish's work. I had purchased the Oracle Tarot before, only to return it because it wasn't exactly like a regular Tarot deck. Well about 2 years later, after finding all of her other decks to be uncannily accurate and of which provides a lot of insight, I've bought it used on Amazon. First of all the card stock is amazing quality.

I don't think you can destroy it. The intensity and vibrancy of the colors are awesome, but they are very much a color block style of primary hues. Nothing pastel in this deck. But the images are enchanting and female empowering. Yes there is cartoonish nudity, but nothing that offends me as I am a huge nude-prude. I LOVE her take on the card meanings. They are unique and tend to be a very accurate summation of things. You can use this deck intuitively too.

I also love her Celtic Cross and 3 card spread. Her take on the Celtic Cross makes more sense to me than others take on it. I tend to use this deck for personal readings. It is also very useful for readings with other people.

That is why I tend to prefer using this deck for personal readings over than using it for readings for others. However, its still accurate if you use it for other people than yourself. Its just you have to hope your sitter is like open to being truthful with themselves because at times the cards can read a little vague but very accurate. The numbering system for the major arcana will also throw off people who use numerology in their Tarot reading. I've learned to use the odd numbering system to its advantage.

Instead of seeing the Emperor all about creating things in the material world, I now see that the vision of the Emperor is to hold onto tradition. I also uploaded pictures for you to look at and perhaps it can help you to feel if this deck is for you. These cards are beautiful. The packaging is very nice, and the box is sturdy, so no need to find a bag to house your cards if you don't want to. The companion manual is very helpful, and the cards themselves are not very difficult to interpret.

The first time I tried to bridge shuffle them, one of the cards bent in the middle. Now it has a permanent crease. The cardstock isn't very flexible, so take care when shuffling. They're also a little bigger than standard tarot cards, but not that difficult to handle unless you have tiny hands. If you're looking to stimulate and strengthen your intuition, this deck could help. And just to show you how accurate this deck is, the first question I asked was "how will this card deck help me? Because I enjoy this deck so much, I decided to buy it's predecessor, the Psychic tarot Oracle deck.

The cardstock quality of that deck is so much better, and the gilded edging is very nice. For the first deck to be so well made, it's a shame that this one isn't at least just as good in quality. Let the gold leaf dry. Delivery was fine and the designs of the cards themselves are great. What isn't great is that the manufacturer doesn't let the gold leaf on the edges of the cards dry before they stack them or I should say, stick them into the box.

Please let the manufacturer know that they should let the gold leaf dry. Very positive tarot deck. It is related to traditional tarot enough to link the cards, however if you are really looking for 'Tarot' this may not be the deck for you to start with. It is very relationship-centered and love centered.

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The entire deck has a 'higher energies vibe' unlike some traditional Tarot decks. This is a quality of this John Holland deck that I love, but may not be for everyone. The positive nature of it does not really allow for 'negative' readings. If you like black and white, this deck won't give you the lower energy connection that some Tarot decks allow for.

I like that very much and prefer the higher-energy quality of this deck, but some may not, so want to mention it. This is a very positive deck that still allows more specific readings than most oracle decks. I have enjoyed using it and have found it to be grounded and easy to work with.

It seems accurate and very easy to tune into. Easy to clear and radiates positive energy.

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Rare for a tarot. I bought this item for a friend who loved my other Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland. Both of these decks are incredible, but this one in particular is amazing at providing insight particularly for matters pertaining to relationships to others as well as oneself. These cards and descriptions are so specific they answer your questions thoroughly and gently.

I used them for a relationship reading around an issue with my boyfriend and it released any and all tension I was holding onto while giving me real practical solutions on how to move forward.

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Gana dinero con nosotros. Each tarot card contains multiple meanings ranging from light to shadow. How true for people and what a great image to accompany this card! Buy Here! The bag is handy and beautiful. Mais lorsque les premières feuilles tachées sont sorties de leur bain, les illustrations et les symboles se sont imposés à moi. EUR 23,

This deck is a perfect addition to any collection. Reseña del editor Treat your beloved deck to a heavenly new home! Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle.

Detalles del producto Accesorio: Bag Box 14 de julio de Idioma: Compra verificada. This is absolutely a beautiful tarot deck bag. I will surely be buying more in the future for my things. The box is lovely, the bag is a simple navy blue with a celestial embroidery on the front, double drawstring.

It's bigger than my hand. And so soft. Not the best quality but ok.

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Thought it would look better. I have a bag for every tarot and oracle deck I own now. They are pretty and have plenty of room for the regular sized tarot decks. I would definitely recommend them.

What's the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

The bag is handy and beautiful. Ir a Amazon.